The HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter

The Women in Finance Charter is a commitment by HM Treasury and signatory firms to work together to build a more balanced and fair financial services industry. The core Charter pledges for promoting gender diversity comprise:

  • Having one member of our senior executive team who is responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion
  • Setting internal targets for gender diversity in our senior management
  • Publishing progress annually against these targets in reports on our website
  • Having an intention to ensure the pay of the senior executive team is linked to delivery against these internal targets on gender diversity

Our Mission

At PWP, we are committed to fostering an environment that values inclusion and where people from all backgrounds can excel. We believe that we can only be truly differentiated, forward leaning thought leaders by having a diverse mosaic of people, perspectives, and life experiences across our workforce. As such, we put diversity and inclusion practices (D&I) front and center in all our efforts to attract, develop and retain the best talent.

Our Commitment

With a mandate from our CEO, we created the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council (DILC); a body made up of 15 senior leaders from across the organization, whose mandate is to set and execute a clear and measurable multi-year road-map to advance the firm’s D&I strategy. Furthering gender diversity at senior levels of the organization is a priority of the DILC, and we are thrilled to have become signatories of the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter to demonstrate this commitment. 

We have set the following targets to measure our progress over the coming years:

  • For women to make up 40% of the internship class in summer 2022.
  • For women to make up 35% of employees in senior management roles by January 2023.